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MRSC Urges Senate Education Energy & Environment Committee to Support SB664

Bill Would Accelerate Adoption of Residential Solar in Maryland; Meet Gov. Moore’s Ambitious Climate Agenda

HANOVER, MD (February 28, 2023) – Today, the Maryland Rooftop Solar Coalition, a coalition comprised of rooftop solar advocates, workforce development groups, energy equity champions, and renewable energy companies, urged lawmakers to pass Senate Bill 664 (SB0664) ahead of a Senate Education Energy & Environment Committee hearing on the bill.

Sponsored by Maryland Senator Brian J. Feldman and Delegate Lily Qi, Senate Bill 664 (SB0664) and House Bill 1239 (HB1239) would increase the state’s residential clean energy grant from $1,000 to $5,000 to incentivize rooftop solar installations for Maryland residents, create local clean energy jobs, and meet the state’s climate goals. The legislation would fund rooftop solar grants through fees and penalties paid by companies that do not meet the state’s solar requirements, minimizing the cost to taxpayers and ensuring those fees are directed toward promoting renewable energy. It would also enhance clean energy incentives for low- and moderate-income residents, as well as those living in overburdened and underserved communities. 

In testimony submitted to the Committee, MRSC members highlighted the critical role the legislation would play in providing equitable access to rooftop solar for low- and moderate-income households in Maryland, reinvigorating residential renewable energy in the state, and helping Governor Moore meet his ambitious climate goals.

The following are excerpts from remarks prepared for delivery to the committee in today’s hearing:

Ed Merrick, Chair of the Maryland Rooftop Solar Coalition and Corporate Vice President of Trinity Solar: “Maryland’s rooftop solar industry is struggling to reach our state’s clean energy goals, dropping from a high of 20,000 installs in 2016 to a low of around 5,000 last year. Senate Bill 664 changes that paradigm while making it easier for the solar industry to offer homeowners savings on their electric bill.”

Jim Purekal, Manager, Market Development and Policy at SunPower Corporation: “Senate Bill 664 would facilitate the placement of more solar on more roofs, particularly on low- and moderate-income homes and within disadvantaged communities who could see the added benefit of immediately lowering their energy bills. If enacted, this bill would help the state meet its renewable portfolio standard.”

Erin Kelly, Vice President of Residential Operations at Lumina Solar: “This legislation is a crucial step in promoting clean energy and its accessibility, providing a boost to Maryland's residential solar industry, which has struggled in recent years due to the rise in costs. Despite the many benefits of residential solar, it remains out of reach for many Maryland residents. By promoting the use of solar energy and ensuring that everyone has access to its benefits, we can create a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future for Marylanders.”


Maryland Rooftop Solar Coalition (MRSC), est. 2022, is comprised of companies that finance, sell, design, and install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems with the objective of reviving the rooftop solar market in the state. Coalition members include Solar Energy World, Trinity Solar, GoodLeap, Sunnova, Dividend Finance, Lumina Solar, IGS, SunPower, Sunrun, ADT, Solar United Neighbors, and Solar Energy Services, Inc., all who are dedicated to the solar industry in Maryland and the importance of combating climate change. For more on MRSC, visit

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